About Lauren

Here's a little bit about me:

I am a California native living in Venice with my husband, Oliver. I enjoy all things creative: cooking, decorating, doodling, baking, planning, organizing, etc. I also enjoy spending time with the cutest kids on the planet, my nephews.

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The story about why I left academia:

Since so many people ask me why I left academia, I thought I would write up a little about my decision here.

A bit of background: I spent the last decade studying linguistics at some amazing universities. I fell in love with how linguistics coupled analytical thinking and creativity. I also always had fun learning languages, and I just loved talking. This journey took me on some fun adventures, including being evacuated from Egypt after a military coup.

As I think is the case for many people, the dissertation writing process had many ups and downs. I realized that much of the research process is an isolated activity. I was in this cycle: I would spend long stretches of time alone reading, writing, or thinking about a very intricate puzzle, then I would share my work my advisors or colleagues to get feedback, and then back to the isolated working stage. While I loved what I was working on, I craved work that was more collaborative and moved at a quicker pace. In the summer of 2017, I finished my PhD and I got a job teaching in the linguistics department at USC.

After my first year of teaching, I decided that a career outside of academia would be best for me. I hope to find something that is analytical, but also has elements of creativity. And perhaps a bit more fast paced, and even something that involves language as well! Let me know if you have a job to offer.